Acupressure point for headache

  • Left hand - yin side Left hand - Yang side
  • Right hand - yin side Right hand - Yand side image009 



Here I have mentioned that what kind of headache  needs treatment at which point. To find the points you can use the BYOL chart given above. Treatment can be given by Byol magnets. If magnets are not available press on acupressure point given in chart with your finger for few minute and obtain the relief.

Attack of pathogenic wind of head causes stagnation of qi and blood in head with headache due to sudden weather change or exposure of wind.

  • Occipital head:-  GB 20, UB 60, SI 3
  • Frontal head:- St 8, Li 4, GV 23, St 44
  • Temporal head – GB 8, Tw5, GB 41
  • Parietal Head:– GV 20, Si 3, UB 67, Liv 3
  • Vertex Headache( top)– GV 20, K3, Liv 8
  • Headache in eye brow – UB 2, Tw23, UB 57, GB 20, Li 4
  • Unilateral headache extending over the temple and top od the head:- Tw5, Liv 3, GB 20, 38, 43 GV 24.5



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